Affiliates & Friends

Nevada Early Intervention Services

The mission of Nevada’s Early Intervention Services is to identify infants and toddlers who are at-risk for, or who have developmental delays; provide services and supports to families to meet the individualized developmental needs of their child; and facilitate the child’s learning and participation in family and community life through the partnerships of families, caregivers and service providers.

JUSTin HOPE Foundation

Giving hope to children and families in Northern Nevada affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other neuro-developmental disorders by providing medical equipment, supplies and/or opportunities otherwise not available that will have a meaningful impact on the family as a whole.

Grant A Gift Autism Foundation

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation is a non-profit charity helping children up to 18 years of age on the autism spectrum and their families fight Autism, and addressing the gap in services by offering diagnostic, support services, quality-of-life programs and training that will prepare them to live as independent adults and have a functioning role in our communities. Founded in 2009, Grant-a-Gift Autism Foundation grew out of the struggle of a mom whose young son, Grant, was diagnosed with autism.