Module 1: What is Autism?

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This module is about autism spectrum disorder. We’re going to present various information and videos that will include defining characteristics, possible causes, and an individual with autism who will provide her life perspective.

  • Lesson One is Dr. Melanie Crawford who will present characteristics and videos to highlight the behaviors.
  • Lesson Two is a TedTalk by Dr. Wendy Chung, a genetist, who will be talking about potential causes of autism.
  • Lesson Three is a video of Dr. Rebecca Landa will show comparisons between children with ASD and typically developing children.
  • Lesson Four is a TedTalk of Rosy King who will discuss her experience of having ASD. We want you to have a better understanding of ASD and the characteristics so that you will be better able to recognize some of the difficulties. Upon completion of this Module, you will take a brief quiz after which you can download a certificate of completion that you can keep for your records.