Module 3: Ages & Stages Developmental Screening (ASQ)

This module covers how to administer an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), which is a screening tool for children to determine if the child is functioning at age level.

  • Lesson One is a presentation by Dr. Mario Gaspar de Alba, a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician, who explains how to administer the ASQ-3. There will be video clips of local professionals and children participating in the ASQ-3 process. The first child is being screened with the 30 month ASQ-3 questionnaire and she is typically developing.  The second child is being screened with the 33 month ASQ-3 questionnaire and he has some developmental delays. Dr. Gaspar will go through various different parts of the questionnaire and video clips will be shown to demonstrate sections of the ASQ-3. There is also a discussion on how to score and interpret the screening.
  • Lesson Two has learning activities that are recommended to develop different areas of children’s development. Your next task is to review the Nevada Infant – Toddler Early Learning Guidelines for children ages Thirty Months to Three Years.