Module 6: Challenging Behaviors

This module is about challenging behaviors that children can engage in. Some of the behaviors are atypical and other ones are normal. It is important to understand that all children engage in challenging behaviors while their learning to communicate to get their needs met.

Lesson One

Lesson One is Dr. Erika Ryst, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, who will present information about challenging behaviors and what you can do to manage the behaviors.

Lesson Two

Lesson Two is a Video entitled Understanding Challenging Behavior in Young Children. This video shows challenging behavior in children and provides information about why children engage in challenging behavior. It also highlights how professionals might respond to those behaviors.

Lesson Three

Lesson Three is a video presented by Dr. Jack Shonkoff who is a professor at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. He discusses how development and experiences can affect a child’s brain. When a child experiences a positive environment they’re able to grow and developing normally, but when they experience trauma, stress, or anxiety, their behavior and learning are negatively impacted.

Lesson Four

Lesson Four is a video entitled “How Resilience is Built”. The video we present shows why some children react as they do in some situations, but also shows how you can help a child to develop resiliency.

Lesson Five

Lesson Five is a video developed by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood entitled ‘Reflecting on Our Reactions and Responses

Lesson Six

Lesson Six is a video of Dr. Nadine Burke, a pediatrician who discusses how trauma changes the brain and body of developing children. This is being presented because some of the children in your care may be in situations that live in a traumatic situation. We want you to know that how you respond can make difference and will have lifelong effects.