Module 5: Everyone is Entitled to the Mountain: Inclusion

This module is providing you with information on strategies and adaptations so all children can have the same opportunities to learn.

First, watch the introduction video:

Skiing with Camille:

Lesson One

Lesson One is a Power Point and video presentation by Dr. Jan Marson, who is an Occupational Therapist and has been working with children with various disabilities for more than 25 years. The topic defines inclusion, benefits to inclusion, and provides ideas for strategies that can be used in a preschool environment.

Lesson Two

Lesson Two is a Joint Statement on Early Childhood Inclusion from the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) and the National Association for the Education you Young Children (NAEYC). We want you to read this overview that provides a definition of inclusion and the importance of inclusion for children in Early Childhood Programs.

Lesson Three

Lesson Three is Becky Carter Steele at the University of Nevada Reno Early Head Start program, who discusses inclusion strategies in an infant toddler classroom. She discusses ideas that are practical and good for all the children in the classroom. Furthermore, she provides rationales for why they use particular objects and tasks.

Lesson Four

Lesson Four is Avis Moore, who is a teacher at the University of Nevada Reno Early Head Start program. She talks about the challenges and joys of having children with disabilities in her classroom. She does discuss the fact that she initially did not want to work with children with disabilities. However, over time, she came to embrace the children and the families. You will see how she made changes in her attitude and her own professional growth.

Lesson Five

Lesson Five is a video that is filmed at a local school in Reno, Nevada, Sarah Winnemucca Elementary School that has an exceptional special education preschool classroom that is integrated with children with special healthcare needs and typically developing children. You will hear Dr. Susan Frank, the principal at the school, discuss her philosophy on inclusion through all the grade levels and strategies. You will see a special education teacher, Megan Moreno, who walks us through some of the activities and accommodations that she uses in her classroom. In the video you will also see three different children. A third-grade student diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder discuss school activities. There are two typically developing children from the special education preschool program who discuss being a peer mentor.